The Never Tilting World by Rin Chupeco

Years ago, the world of Aeon was torn apart in the Breaking. No one knows exactly what happened except that it was caused by two twin goddesses. Now the world is divided and no longer spins – one side is immersed in eternal night, the other under the ever-scorching sun. But the daughters of the goddesses, Haidee and Odessa, might just have the ability to save the world.
The Never Tilting World was easily one of my top 2019 reads. Everything about it was just *chef’s kiss*.

“A demoness is what they call a goddess that men cannot control.”

Aeon was so vividly and stunningly imagined. It’s inspired by the author’s home in the Philippines and the natural disasters that are not uncommon there, so the pain of the Breaking and its impact on the people of Aeon was so raw and real. It was heartbreaking to see the way a once beautiful world had been torn apart and was suffering in extreme conditions, and I hope it will raise awareness of the real-life things happening in the Philippines. The way Rin Chupeco shows climate change as a villain and portrays it in YA fantasy is so important and wonderful. The world of Aeon was broken, but beautiful none the less, and I loved every second of my time there.

“We’re chasing a dying sea under an endless sun that kills us with a thousand little cuts every day. There’ll be nothing left soon. Nothing but sand and bone.”

The characters own my entire heart. Lan, badass, loyal, and not afraid to beat up someone who tries to steal her books. I’m in love with her. Odessa, shy at first but with a character arc that literally had me shivering in delight and fear. Arjun, soft, stubborn and protective. Haidee, reckless, kind and smart. These four were all perfect, and I’m in love with every single one of them. The dynamics between them were wonderful and I miss them already.
The romance in this book is perfect for everyone. For fans of enemies to lovers, we have a romance which is incredibly cute, a little bit murdery at first, and between two stubborn characters who just blush all the time. And then there’s the romance of my dreams, book shop sapphic love story turned spicy and forbidden. Just everything about these two storylines is wonderful. They’re both so perfectly constructed with just the right amount of tension and cutesy scenes.
The writing was lyrical and wonderful, filled with vivid description, tension-filled fight scenes and witty, entertaining dialogue. I was totally hooked on Rin Chupeco’s writing style, it drew me in and refused to let go. The Never Tilting World read like a dream, with the perfect balance of character development and adventure. I never got bored, and I devoured it far too quickly.

“When the dead find words, the goddess and the Devoted son will meet atop a fish not a fish, on a sea not a sea. It is she who travels to the endless Abyss, and it is he who guides her.”

The plot was exciting and intoxicating. Plot twists and secrets waited around every corner, and the dual narrative had me so enticed and worried. The storyline flowed perfectly, each event contributing to a breathtaking and tear-inducing climax that left me crying for book two.
The Never Tilting World was a wonderful, beautiful and unique book that absolutely blew me away. I think I’m spoiled for YA fantasy after this because it would be hard to top it. I don’t have enough words to discuss the wonderful world-building, the beautiful characters and the important messages. Everyone just needs to read this book this instant.

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