The Guinevere Deception by Kiersten White


The Guinevere Deception was a beautiful and intriguing twist on the story of King Arthur, where the women of the story were able to take centre stage in the ancient legend that had been so focused on men.
As always, Kiersten White writes in beautiful, descriptive, lyrical prose that makes me go *heart eyes*. It is almost hauntingly beautiful, softly written and perfectly reflecting Guinevere’s unique character. The descriptions read almost like poetry with lush, vivid prose. The dialogue was witty and realistic, fun to follow and genuine.

“There was good, and there was evil, but there was so much space between the two.”

The plot was captivating, both the mysteries to be unravelled in the future and the ones tangled in the past. The mystery was mixed with kickass action, beautiful friendship and a dash of romance. The twists were on point and I rarely saw them coming, the storyline keeping me guessing and hoping. I loved the sections from the perspective of the villain, they really made the book unique and added some of the authors signature darkness and foreboding. They were dark and intriguing and I’m hoping for more in the second book.
The world Kiersten White built felt so vivid and real, so alive and I absolutely fell in love with it. Camelot was a beautiful, developed place that I would 100% want to live in. It was at once reminiscent of the Camelot from old stories of King Arthur and a unique, fresh one which belonged to a changeling queen.

“That was not a finite or controlled magic. It was a wild and dark and dangerous magic. It was a violent magic, undoing the record of a life and giving it to someone else.”

Guinevere was a kickass main character for this story. She was strong and beautiful and brave but she also questioned herself and everything around her. For reasons barely revealed, her past is half-forgotten and her memories muddled. It was hard to see her struggling with the realisation that people she trusted may have lied to her. She was such a refreshing heroine, and I really do hope we get a further character arc in book two.
I really really loved the friendship between Brangien and Guinevere. It was so great to see magical women standing up for each other and loving each other. I did quite like the relationship between Arthur and Guinevere. It didn’t feel forced at all, and I can see how they would work as a couple. However, I have VIEWS on the subject of who Guinevere should end up with. In many original tales of King Arthur, Queen Guinevere has an affair with Sir Lancelot, one of Arthur’s nights. In this book, one of my favourite twists is that Lancelot is a girl! Guinevere definitely called her pretty a few times and I just want my sapphic ship to happen.
Of course, I loved the feminist aspects of this book! It had such a phenomenal, empowering narrative about women’s place in society and how awesome they really are. I am so happy that we’re seeing a rise of feminist-orientated retellings because they really are perfect for me.
Overall, I adored this book. It wasn’t without faults, but It was beautiful and moving, intriguing and well written. If you love strong female characters, myths and magic, you will love The Guinevere Deception.

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