What the actual heck, it’s November already (Ft. anticipated releases, bookstagram anniversaries and my crushing TBR)

Thank you for reading this blog, witches! Please do continue to do so 🙂 SO! It’s…November? How did that get here so hecking fast.

No seriously, where did all the months GO?!

This means 2020 is pretty soon. That worries me. I am worried. 1 month til Christmas, 5 til my 16th birthday, 6 til my GCSEs start, 7 til I’m done with secondary school, 9 til I start college. You can see where I’m going with this wait I am not a young child anymore and the world is ever so scary and now I have responsibilities and I just want to sleep tangent, but you’re here for the books. SO let’s get to thattt!

First up, the TBR that may fall on me and squash me at any given moment. No, seriously. My bookshelves are above my bed. Who knows what kind of accident could happen?

So, what IS on my November TBR?

War Girls by Tochi Onyebuchi ⇒ In a future Nigeria ravaged by climate change and war, two sisters must find their way back to each other after they are forced onto opposite sites of the conflict. I thought this looked good because,,, the girl on the cover is very pretty. Kidding haha! It’s an important message about what the world could be in a century, with two fierce black girls leading the story.

The Guinevere Deception by Kiersten White⇒  The first line of the blurb is “There was nothing in the world as magical and terrifying as a girl.”. Need I know more? No, but in case you do, it’s a retelling of King Arthur which features faeries and is told from the point of view of Guinevere, who basically doesn’t get a storyline in any other versions.

The Memory Thief by Lauren Mansy ⇒ In a city where memories are currency, and Gifted individuals can steal memories as they please, Etta will do anything to save her crippled mother from the clutches of the power-obsessed ruler, Madame. This is bound to lead her on a deadly and exciting adventure. 

The Never Tilting World by Rin Chupeco ⇒ Have I ever been more excited for a fantasy novel? Probably not. But listen, ok. It’s about a world divided after two sisters fell out, and how their daughters must save the world and features found family and much gay. You can’t not be excited.

Girls of Storm and Shadow by Natasha Ngan ⇒ *sobs uncontrollably because I am not prepared* My beautiful girls have to face even higher stakes and are also totally in love and I’m buddy reading this with my favourite human @_ashortbooklover and we’re both ready to die slowly inside. I’m on the Bookstagram Tour on November 10th, just sayin’

Kingdom of Souls by Rena Barron ⇒ Murderous heroine, African fantasy and snakes? You’ve convinced me already. It also has, gods, demons and witchdoctors, and dark magic. 🙂

Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass ⇒ I recently got a bunch of recent DC comic books, so I’m excited to read them! This one is about Harley’s backstory and how she came to Gotham. She also has to choose between Ivy and Joker. You know who I want her to chose. (Spoiler: Ivy. Ivy is my favourite DC character. She is my soulmate. She is gay, vegan and a total badass. I will marry her.) EDIT: I read this already! SO GOOOOOOD. Keep an eye out for my review, let’s replace it with Batman: Nightwalker

So yep, that’s what I’ll be reading! And what else is happening in November? IT IS MY BOOKSTAGRAM ANNIVERSARY! yes, that is right. November 31st, 2018, the day I posted my first bookstagram photo. It looked awful, but ah well, I suppose I HAVE to share it on here:


I think it’s one of my least favourite photos on my whole feed, and even in the early days it was a low point. Let’s take a look at my progressing themes, shall we?


My first one was soft and cosy, and it lasted a month. I liked it because I could take photos whenever throughout the day…now I have to take a photoshoot every weekend. ugh.

Come 2019, my feed was actually kinda cute. NGL, have showed off my faves here BUT like I wouldn’t utterly object to going back.

My next theme only lasted a couple weeks, cause I just wasn’t feeling it. But it WAS the start of my blue flowers. They were the first prop I bought for Instagram and served me well.

My next theme was my baby. It lasted from mid-February 2019 to mid-May 2019. It was my true love, my OG. Seriously tho, may go back to it. Though some photos weren’t quite up to the standards I have these days, others I wish I could recreate. I think this is where bookstagram became a serious passion and time consumer of mine.

For my next theme, I wanted a change from the blue, but none of my followers liked it and it only lasted a week or two, so come summer, I started a new theme.

This colourful theme started In June for pride month, and I kept it until September. It’s still my love and I really miss it sometimes. It was so vibrant, and I got the chance to show off a lot more of my props. Maybe I’ll revive it next summer. I know the “big” bookstagrammers don’t really change their themes, but in all fairness, they’ve had the time to cultivate the right ones for them.

And here we are! My current theme! Not too shabby, if I do say so myself (and I do, lol). Haven’t been picked for any rep searches yet, but that’s FINE. I actually really love this theme. I think if I change soon It will have a little more going on, because this theme is relatively simple. I put a lot of work into this one. I haven’t been posting much lately because my phone is broken. Not only did I have 10 photos stored up on there that I’m too salty to retake, I can only take photos on my mum’s phone recently and her camera is really bad.

BUT MOVING ON. So that’s my bookstagram, nearly a year, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. Keep an eye out for a giveaway or something, but I’ll probably spend my money on Emily (A Short Book Lover)’s birthday gift. Just kidding Emily, swear it’s not costing me too much. ily.

So I guess now I should tell you my anticipated November releases, huh. Read on.

  1. Girls of Storm and Shadow, The Memory Thief, The Genuivere Deception, The Never Tilting World AKA the ones I already mentioned, lol
  2. Blood Heir ⇒ Dark, bloody retelling of Anastasia? That’s what I heard and WOW I’m excited.
  3. A Constellation of Roses ⇒ Queer. Magical. Realism. Three words that always make my day.
  4. Call Down the Hawk ⇒ I just finished The Raven King and have one word. F*ck. Scared for this. Maggie is a beautiful monster.
  5. Supernova ⇒ I just want my baby heroes to be OK, is that too much to ask?
  6. Sisters of Shadow and Light ⇒ Sisterhood and magic. Two best things in a book. I had the honour of interviewing Sara B. Larson so that will be up soon!
  7. Coral ⇒ The Little Mermaid retelling but kinda dark and hopefully feminist.

I think that’s all I got!
So, my Witchlings, what will you be reading this November? Are you freaking out for Christmas unnecessarily? What books are you looking forward to? Do you follow me on Instagram (@midnightbookgirl_)?

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