Black Canary: Ignite by Meg Cabot and Cara McGee


Black Canary: Ignite was a fun, fresh comic book about the one and only Dinah Lance. Whilst this book is definitely for a younger audience, I really enjoyed it!
Dinah was a fun and relatable main character, with all the typical struggles of a 13-year-old girl. She’s got to think of a name for her band, argue with her dad about her future career, get the principle off her back and…fight evil? Dinah was fierce and fun, and ever so entertaining to read about. I really loved the mother-daughter relationship in this novel, it was heartwarming and pivotal to the plot. In fact, the whole family aspect was really honest and cute, as many superhero novels seem to thrive on dead/dysfunctional families.
The dialogue between the characters was so genuine and entertaining, I honestly love how they all interact with each and even the minor characters have great personalities. The writing was witty and warm, a perfect match to the story.

The plot combined the trials of ordinary middle-school life with the struggles of an emerging superhero who is determined to save the world in a delightful way. I loved seeing Dinah’s ordinary life alongside her budding vigilante one, it definitely set the scene for future Black Canary novels. Of course, this was an origin story and aimed at younger readers, so the villain wasn’t the most menacing, but she was the right amount of challenge for Dinah to come into her powers and prepare for bigger battles.
The artwork was adorable, amazing and so well suited to the book! Cara McGee definitely brought this story to life in a beautiful burst of colour.
Black Canary: Ignite was energetic and entertaining, the perfect introduction to Dinah Lance and an amazing graphic novel.

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