Tiger Queen by Annie Sullivan

Featuring the desert, badass princesses and soft rebel boys

Tiger Queen was an exciting and interesting story featuring Princess Kateri, who has to fight opponents in the arena to win her place as queen. Her kingdom, Achara, is a desert country which has fallen under an awful drought, and Kateri will do anything to become queen so she can do what is best for her people.

I really liked the world of this novel. It felt real, from the rolling desert to the palace to the thirsty streets. I haven’t read many books set in a desert-based world so I appreciated this new aspect.

Princess Kateri was a great main character. She was fierce, brave and loyal, determined to do the right thing for her friends and her kingdom. She was brave and unyielding,  ready to face anything the world threw at her. I really enjoyed seeing her grow as she realise the ignorance she had grown up with, found people who truly cared for her and realised what she had to do.

“I would be the desert’s justice, mightier than any tiger”

The secondary characters were great too. Cion and Dimic were such fun to read about, and I became quickly enamoured to them.

The plot of Tiger Queen was enticing, secrets revealed as we approached the final battle. It was easy to read and enjoyable, whilst still keeping me on my toes.

I think that this book had the potential to be very good, but I’ve been reading far too much YA fantasy lately and for me it fell a little flat. Though it had some unique aspects, they failed to outweigh all the clichés. I was really disappointed not to enjoy this book as much as I’d hoped, but I absolutely still recommend it to those who don’t mind a few tropes they’ve already seen.

Tiger Queen was an intriguing and interesting book full of brave rebels, found family, desert dangers and twisted leaders. It will definitely appease fans of YA fantasy everywhere!

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