Serpent and Dove by Shelby Mahurin

⇒Featuring witches, magic and enemies-to-lovers

If you’re looking for a sexy, magical novel about the enemies-to-lovers romance between a witch and a witch hunter set in Paris (and who isn’t??), this is the book for you!

Shelby Mahurin combines the red-hot passion of a romance novel with the drop-dead magic of a fantasy book in her debut novel Serpent & Dove. This book is enticing, entertaining and elegant, and absolutely lives up to its hype.

First up, I adore Lou. I admire her confidence, her bravery, but most of all I really appreciate that she wasn’t “the virgin”. I’m slightly tired of the prudish, pretty girl swooning all over the experienced guy. In Serpent and Dove, the roles were reversed. Lou would raise her eyebrow and use innuendo and there was Reid, blushing like a twelve-year-old. It was deeply amusing, and very fun. I did really like the banter and relationship between these two. If you love enemies to lovers, you’ll be swooning all over it. Lou and Reid almost remind me of Nina and Matthias! Coco and Ansel were both awesome secondary characters, who I immediately adored. I’m very hopeful that their characters will be explored more in book two!

“I was no one’s sacrifice. Not then. Not now. Not ever.”

I just couldn’t put Serpent and Dove down! The plot was fast-paced and thrilling, with just the right mix of character development, dialogue and action. I loved the interweaving story of Lou’s past and her present, and how everything was slowly revealed as we were led to the climax.

The world-building was amazing. Serpent and Dove is set in Paris, so of course, the setting felt rich and cultural, vibrant and enticing. Shelby Mahurin built an elegant and exciting background for her storyline, and her 19th century France reminded me of the vibrant world of The Gilded Wolves.

Ok, so I do have one unpopular opinion about this book- I didn’t like Reid very much. Please don’t hate me, I just didn’t swoon over him like so many other people did! The only thing I didn’t enjoy about this book was how cliché it was. Of course, the tropes were well executed and I really enjoyed them, but I did predict most of the plot. However, this didn’t stop me loving this book!

This book was fun and kickass, a real joy to read. I was swept up in a world of witches, witch hunters, murder and romance. I’d definitely recommend this to all fans of steamy YA romance and exciting fantasy, it was absolutely delightful.

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