The Good Luck Girls by Charlotte Nicole Davis

⇒Featuring feminism, sisterhood and the wild west


I loved The Good Luck Girls. It’s a wild west novel featuring creepy forests and bandits and underground resistances…but feminist. We stan.
The Good Luck Girls follow five kickass girls as they escape a “welcome house” where they were sold into prostitution. It was such a moving and beautiful story about girls claiming their freedom and their rights to be themselves, but it was also inexplicably fun, what with bank robberies and ambushes.
The characters in this novel were awesome. I was expecting multiple perspectives, and though the whole book was told through the perspective of Aster, I really felt like I got to know each girl. Their character development and the relationships between the five of them were very genuine and really well done. I also liked Zee and all the other (good) secondary characters. All of them felt like real people despite getting less page time than the main characters.
The world-building was awesome. It was wild west inspired and I loved the ramshackle towns and the ghost-ridden forest, the underground hideouts and the taverns. It really set the background for the novel in a very realistic way – part historical, part fantastical. With characters like Zee, I could almost hear his accent through the page!

“It’s only that sometimes I wish we didn’t have to fight at all. Feels like I’ve been fighting since the day I was born.”

The writing was really good, easy to read but also mesmerising. This story is brutal and unique, I could barely put it down. The story sucks you in and won’t let you go, and I swear, this book would make the best movie! The world and characters felt so real and raw, I immediately became attached to their story and had to read on.
The Good Luck Girls was so empowering, to women and to women of colour especially, but also to everyone who fights for their rights in an unfair world. To the dreamers and the rebels and those who want more, it sent such an important message of hope and friendship. It astounds me that a book can be so moving and so deliciously adventurous, and I’d really recommend you guys pick this one up.

You can add The Good Luck Girls on Goodreads, or go ahead and buy it from Amazon! You didn’t hear it from me, but last I saw it’s on sale!

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