September Wrap Up

Hiya Witchlings!

September. What did I read?

Let me tell you, gentlefriends (yes I read Nevernight, yes I’m obsessed, yes I’m gay. Leave a girl alone).


⇒Crooked Kingdom. This duology…I…beautiful. Nina deserves the world.  Yes, I did cry when i *just* missed tickets to Leigh Bardugo’s UK tour. But seriously, I adore the Grishaverse and I’m hyped to read king of scars.

⇒The Ten Thousand Doors of January. This book was so beautiful and lyrical and just everything! You can find my full review here! I scream much.

“Books can smell of cheap thrills or painstaking scholarship, of literary weight or unsolved mysteries. This one smelled unlike any book I’d ever held… It smelled like adventure itself had been harvested in the wild, distilled to a fine wine, and splashed across each page.”

⇒Every Sparrow Falling. Super moving contemporary about LGBTQ+ issues and foster care. Review is heere 🙂

⇒Slay. Hell! yes! This! Book! It was so badass and important! I probably couldn’t connect to it as much on account of being white, but you betya I loved it! Review to come soon!


⇒Truly Devious. My New obsession? I think hecking so. Murder mystery with cool protagonist set in ancient boarding school? Please and thank you. I adore.

⇒The Upside of Unrequited. I love Becky Albertali. She do it again. SO much relatable and cutesy and friendship and awesome characters.

“Where her books were, she was. Get the books right and the rest will follow. Now she could address the rest of the room.” Truly Devious

⇒The Grace Year. Feminist dystopian full of magic and kickass characters and just so much awesome and moving and important! Soon to be a movie and out October 10!

⇒The Good Luck Girls. Feminist bandits on the run in the wild west ft. sisterhood and beating the patriarchy. My review will be up TOMORROW.WOOO.


⇒Nevernight. Badass. Murdery. Love. Thank u and goodnight.

I have plans to finish Six Goodbyes We Never Said tonight!

So what else happened this month? The Deathless Girls was released. Read it. My August Magical Reads Crate arrived and I ADOREEEE IT! So excited for September box! I started watching Euphoria which has Zendaya in! I love Zendaya. I watched Endgame! I did cry, thank you. Black Widow deserved a funeral and that’s final. I started school again. Year 11…whooo? I cry.

So yeah. This month has been pretty uneventful BUT I read lots so…success?



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