Lover Book Tag

“I like shiny things, but I’d marry you with paper rings.”


So, I’ve been looking all over for a great book tag, and the awesome Star is All Booked Up has come up with a great one! Inspired by Taylor Swift’s Lover album, let’s talk about books; Just so everyone knows, I’m listening to each song as I write the prompt because I haven’t yet heard the full album. I like Taylor but I’m not obsessed…maybe I should be?! – This is a really long album and tag so please forgive x


“It isn’t love, it isn’t hate, it’s just indifference” I Forgot that You Existed

A Hyped Book You Won’t Read

Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi. Everyone is hyping the Shatter Me series up, so even though I disliked the first book I read book two, but I barely liked it any more. Not to be harsh, but the single good thing in these books is Kenji (he likes Tangled, marry me). So I won’t be continuing this series, sorry to people who loved it.


“I love you, Ain’t that the worst thing you ever heard?”Cruel Summer

Enemies to Lovers

This is one of my least favourite tropes *hides* but one ship I will NEVER stop shipping is Iseult and Aeduan from Truthwitch by Susan Dennard (read it please). Sureee, their love might have started when Iseult killed Aeduan and he became obsessed with her (that makes it sound worse that it is, I promise they aren’t toxic or problematic- I don’t ever ship that) but they’re a still a big OTP!!!!


“Can we always be this close, forever and ever?”Lover


Everyone knows that my One True Pairing is and will always be MALEC!!! (From Shadowhunter Chronicles, if you weren’t aware)

“Alec Lightwood loved one man so much he changed the whole world for him.”


The Man is my favourite song from the album, so SORRY to the awesome Star but I’m changing this prompt – I know it’s cheating but shhh

“I’m so sick of running as fast as I can, wondering if I’d get there quicker if I was a man.” – The Man

Feminist Book

You knew it was coming – it always is – Girls of Paper and Fire! This book *sobbing* is so beautiful. Haven’t read it? Watch this space :)))))) While you’re waiting, go listen to the song. DAMN it’s good 🙂


“Who could ever leave me darling, but who could stay?” The Archer 

Characters who think they’re undeserving of love

My main bae, Will Herondale. He think he musn’t let people love him 😦 but I ADORE HIM SO WHY AREN’T I DEAD HUH


“Wanna see what’s under that attitude.”I Think He Knows

Flirty Banter/Slow Burn

This was hard but I just have to copy Star’s answer now that she brings it up – America and Maxon from The Selection – when is the TV show coming seriously. OOh imagine it like a Reality TV Show, I WANT!


“American Stories burning before me, I’m feeling helpless the damsels are depressed.” Miss Americana and The American Prince

A Book that deals with politics

This has to be The Hate U Give – this book is SO important – I love the movie too because Amandla Stenburg. As a white person as well this was really important to read.


“Now I’ve read all of the books beside your bed.”Paper Rings

Books recommended to you that you LOVE

Um,,, so many! I get loads of my book recommendations from Bookstagram! One I ADORE is The Raven Boys, which I was convinced to read by Raven AKA @thelostfairchild (follow pls 🙂


“That’s the kind of heartbreak time could never mend.” – Cornelia Street ( i give up typing these out lol i’m so flaky 😦

Biggest Book Hangovers

Oh GOD, I had the BIGGEST book hangover after reading Muse of Nightmares (Strange the Dreamer 2). Still not over it?


A couple years ago I wrote super soft fan fiction about Clace from The Mortal Instruments and cute little stories from when they had their kid – it was actually pretty good ngl…


Weeelll I already mentioned Will Herondale… ok my underrated book bae and mate is Tarquin from A Court of Thorns and Roses – he’s so precious baby. I adore him and everything about him, I want to go visit the summer court ;)))


Oh gosh! The ending of Allegiant hurt me so much back in the day! There’s so many others but none have surprised me more than that!


OOooh…I’m going to go with A Court of Mist and Fury. It’s not the most steamy book, but I read it about two years ago and thirteen year old me was *side-eye emoji*


I loved the rep in The Deathless Girls – #ownvoices queer traveller girls! It’s out very soon so maybe go preorder :)) Also the music video for this song is the best thing ever, go watch!


Me and Enrique from The Gilded Wolves – how come that didn’t happen, huh?


I don’t have problematic faves. If they’re problematic I don’t like them, that’s that. Evil is fine, abusive isn’t. Even so, I had a soft spot for Maven in the first Red Queen book, so him!


Nina and Inej. This friendship is so pure and underrated, we stan 100% all the time. I mean, Nina shared her biscuits with Inej I mean…


Why am I blanking? The Kingdom by Jess Rothenburg was FULL with plot twists (it was all just one big reveal) and plenty betrayal. What an iconic book.


Thanks for reading guys! I love the album and the tag! Thank you Star for this awesome tag! Now go read the books I’ve recommended and listen to Lover 🙂

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