The Girl in the Sea Gave Back by Adrienne Young

⇒Featuring Vikings, fate and star-crossed love


Adrienne Young is back with her new standalone The Girl the Sea Gave Back, the companion novel to her acclaimed debut Sky in the Deep. This book was intricately written and beautifully presented: I rushed through it in no time and loved every minute!

Although I’m not usually a fan of historical novels, including the Vikings, Adrienne Young builds a world so vivid that I felt I was truly there. Her world-building skills are seriously amazing, she could write about such a boring place or story, but I’m sure the world would still seem to come alive in front of my eyes. Her atmospheric writing had me immersed in the culture and setting of the Viking settlings, the spring hills and the harsh sea of The Girl the Sea Gave Back!

I adored the characters in this novel so much. It was really great to see how Halvard has grown since Sky in the Deep and where life has led him and his family. He was a great hero for this story because he is genuinely so nice, as well as strikingly brave and clever. I loved watching him come to terms with being the next leader of his clan and seeing how he’s changed. Tova was so badass and beautiful, I loved her whole story – it made me so sad but it was so well done and truly unique. She was a great heroine to follow because she’s very apart from the rest of the characters in the book, and yet she is so pivotal in each of their stories.

However, as much as I loved the two characters, I didn’t like their romance. Their love was so instant, which I really don’t like. The thing was, I ship them! They were so perfect for each other- but I would have liked to see a more drawn out story or perhaps just leaving it clear they would end up together – it felt like the romance was being forced into the book too early and their relationship just wasn’t ready.

“War is faithful to come looking for us time and again.”

I loved seeing my babies Eelyn and Fiske – they have a kid! So glad they found the happiness they deserve!

The plotline felt quite rushed like it could have been longer and more developed, but it was still thoroughly enjoyable. The battle scenes were, as always awesome, thrilling and exciting- no one writes them like Adrienne!

I really liked the idea of Fate and the Spinners that was introduced in this book – it was a unique new aspect to the world and seeing how Tova tied was interesting. I’d love to know more about that part and the Kyrr, since they were awesome and complex but we didn’t get to find out enough about their culture-book 3?

This was a satisfying and well-written companion to Sky in The Deep, and I’d definitely recommend it to all lovers of YA fantasy.

(you can read it without reading Sky in the Deep first, it will still make complete sense)

Find out more here: Goodreads, Amazon, Adrienne’s Instagram, Titan Books

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