Young Adult Books Featuring female/female Romance

Hi guys!

Today’s blog is very important to me personally. I identify as bisexual, but for a long time I wasn’t sure that I did, because I didn’t think I’d ever liked a girl *like that*, so how could I be bisexual? I know now that it’s common for bisexual people to experience crushes differently depending on gender, and that some of the girls I thought I just really wanted to be friends with, well, maybe that wasn’t all I wanted. So I started thinking about why I didn’t know what liking a girl should feel like, and I realised that I have barely seen female/female romance in the media! Lately, there have been a lot of gay books and movies, and I really appreciate that, but so many more of them are male/male rather than f/f, and for me, that’s not okay.

So, personal rant over, today I want to talk about some of the best (and maybe the only) Young Adult books I’ve read in which the primary romance is between two girls/women.

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Let’s start out strong with my ALL TIME FAVE, Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan. All I can ever say about this book is WOW. Not only is it an amazing book, full of twisty plotlines, amazing worldbuilding and badass, strong, main characters, it’s hella important. I read it at a time when I needed confirmation about my sexuality,  and I can’t express enough gratitude to Natasha for writing a swoon-worthy, YA romance about two girls. This book discusses themes such as sexual assault, feminism and oppression in a stunning fantasy setting, and it absolutely blew me away. If you follow my Instagram, @midnightbookgirl_, you probably see how often I shout about it. SO anyway, just go read it pls.

Neeexttt up! This one’s contemporary; Leah On the Offbeat by Becky Albertali! Leah and I would be BFF’s in real life and this book was the perfect blend of high-school angst, friendship and gay. Leah definitely conveys an important message about body positivity and sexuality, and I adored this book. I know Becky has written another f/f romance book but I haven’t read it yet, oh dear.


One of my new favourite books is All the Bad Apples by Möira Fowley Doyle. Allow me to pitch it to you: A queer, feminist witchy novel featuring a family curse and haunted houses in Ireland. Not convinced? Well, no offence I’m beginning to doubt your taste in books. This awesome book was out on the first of August and damn, do you need to pick it up. It’s heartfelt and beautiful, a little creepy and a lot gay. You can find my review here!


Not as many people have heard of it, but another fave of mine is Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst. Set against an awesome fantasy setting, we get a bit of adventure, a touch of politics and a lot of romance! My girls Denna and Mare totally hold my heart. Book two was out a couple days ago and I did sendmore than one desperate email to the publishers requesting an ARC, but they haven’t replied, probably because I live too far from the US. Petition to get this book published in the UK? I have a review for it here.


If you’re looking for cutesy, angsty romance mixed in with your action, may I present These Witches Don’t Burn by Isabel Sterling? Set in Salem, our lesbian witch protagonist must fight a threat to her clan whilst meanwhile dealing with her recent breakup and the arrival of cute new girl, Morgan. This book was hella cute and exciting and I may have stayed up all night reading it.


Just a few days ago I finished reading The Deathless Girls by Kiran Millwood Hargrave, and it totally broke my heart. This is a retelling of the Brides of Dracula and is a feminist, queer (of course) book that features awesome twins. I am in love with this novel; it’s beautiful writing, heartwrenching narrative and fiercely loving protagonist have lodged it in my very soul for all of eternity. Sorry for y’all, it’s not out until September 17th. But trust me, you need this book in your life.

So that’s it for today, as those are the only Young Adult books I can think of in which the main romance is f/f. If you have any recommendations, please drop them below, I will add them to the top of my TBR and love you forever.

7 thoughts on “Young Adult Books Featuring female/female Romance

  1. Great post! I didn’t realise All The Bad Apples was queer – I have a copy, now can’t wait to read it even more.


      1. I loved it so much. I’ve chosen it as our YA Book of the Month for September at the Bookshop I work 😃


  2. I’m seeing buzz for All The Bad Apples everywhere, I’ve got to read it! From a fellow bi girl who came to the realisation a bit late, thanks for the post and the recs!


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