We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faizal

Feat. magic, murder and #squadgoals


Hafsah Faizal’s debut is one of the best fantasy books I’ve ever read. Fresh with lyrical prose, kickass characters and majestic world-building, We Hunt the Flame totally swept me away!

I quickly became deeply attached to the characters Hafsah created! They’re all so enigmatic and I adore them. They all have deep and realistic motives that drive them forward, and fears that hold them back.

Much as I despise the trope, I couldn’t help loving Zafira and Nasir’s enemies to lovers romance. It was very simmering and full of tension.  I do have to admit, I did prefer the secondary characters to Zafira and Nasir. The backing cast was everything. Altair, Kifyah, Benjamin, Yasmine, Deen. I adored them. I loved Zafira and Nasir, of course, I did, but they felt a little more like generic protagonists.

‘We hunt the flame, the light in the darkness, the good this world deserves.’

I loved the friendships in We Hunt the Flame. The gang, or should I say zumra, was utter squad goals. I adored their loving bickering, the group dynamics and just everything.

Yasmine and Zafira were the cutest best friends. Their relationship was strong and sweet, and I loved the phrase they used to describe each other- “sister of my heart”.

Not only theirs, but Nasir and Altair’s friendship was the best love story in the book. Scrap enemies to lovers, I adore the enemies to besties trope.

When it came to the story and plot, it was a bit slow-moving, especially in the middle, but I actually really enjoyed that. The twists and turns were surprising and exciting and certainly kept me on edge. I loved the fight scenes and all the action in We Hunt the Flame, I thought it was superbly done.

We Hunt the Flame does feature many over-used tropes, but for me, they were done so well, I didn’t even hate them. It can make the story feel a little clichéd, but Hafsah’s writing more than made up for it!

The world she created was Arabian inspired, and for me, that added a layer of cultural magic to the book that was really special. So many books have Europe-inspired fantasy worlds and so the Arabian aspect of Arawiya was quite new to me, which made the world feel very unique, vibrant and rich.

As for Hafsah’s writing, is everything. I would read anything this woman wrote, however structurally boring, because of her goddamn gorgeous writing.

Hafsah combines stunning imagery with eloquent language in a way that makes the writing feel like soft gold. It’s so lyrical and lush, I was absolutely absorbed and blown away by its sheer gracious beauty.

Hafsah’s writing sweeps across the page in song and I have fallen in love with We Hunt the Flame. If you like fantasy, this has got to be added to (or bumped up) your TBR, because it’s a spellbinding and gorgeous story that will steal your heart.

We Hunt the Flame is out TODAY in the UK, with an absolutely stunning new cover! You can add it on Goodreads or maybe go add it to your basket on Amazon!

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