Stronger Than A Bronze Dragon by Mary Fan

⇒Featuring mythology, demons and magic


Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon was fun, fast-paced fantasy steeped in Chinese mythology, and I loved it.
Our main character, Anlei was a complex, awesome character. She felt very human. She was willing to make selfless sacrifices for her family and friends, but she was also ambitious, and not ashamed of it. Many of the brave things she does is partially because she wants to be remembered, and I really liked that aspect of her as it made her have more depth and feel more real. Anlei definitely grew throughout the story and I really enjoyed watching her development.
I also loved Tai – he was fun and well-developed and I adored the banter and friendship between him and Anlei – they were the perfect pairing!
The story itself is well-paced and exciting, full of dramatic twists and turns! No spoilers, but I liked the idea that the person who seemed to be the enemy wasn’t really at all. The plot was full of action and adventure and was made all the better by the way our characters dealt with the obstacles and problems (which did, at times, include each other..)

Nothing can truly be fixed. Once broken, nothing will ever be as it was.

One aspect I didn’t like as much was that the villain was quite stereotypical, his main motive is a need for power – and I wouldn’t have minded this so much except that there were so many opportunities to flesh out his character that just weren’t taken.
I loved the concept of this book, and that it brought together Chinese culture, supernatural magic and steampunk aspects! Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon blends mystical creatures with mechanical robots. This made the book very unique, and I’m always looking for fresh, new YA books because a lot these days can be very generic – luckily this wasn’t one of them!
Another aspect I really liked was the romance. Whilst it was there, it wasn’t super prominent and I really appreciated that the friendship was the more important relationship, as were the relations between the main characters and their families.
The adventurous story of this novel was really well done because though it’s the quite typical “hero goes on a journey and discovers new things” it was well fleshed out and the journey felt very important to the story in the best way. There are lots of exciting things to fight along the way, and I thought the action scenes were really well written, as it can be hard to capture the excitement and fear surrounding stabby scenes ( I mean battle scenes sorry)…
This book was very easy to read, and I devoured it super quickly! I found it very fun to read and would definitely recommend it to all fantasy fans who love a good adventure, exciting twists and kickass characters.

You can add Stronger Than A Bronze Dragon on Goodreads or buy it on Amazon!

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