Every Colour of You by Amelia Mandeville

⇒Featuring friendship, love and tears


Amelia Mandeville’s debut has broken my heart and put it back together again. I absolutely adored this heart wrenching, beautifully tragic novel that tells the story of two unlikely friends and the impact they have on each other’s lives.
Meet Tristan and Zoe. He’s just out of the psych ward at the hospital and is suffering from depression after the death of his father. She’s lively, colourful and determined to make the most of life. When she meets Tristan, she decides they’re going to be friends. You could call Every Colour of You a romance, but it’s more than that. It’s a love story. It’s about the love between two friends, the love of life, the love of family. And it’s about what that love can do.
Amelia Mandeville made the characters in this story come alive. Their personalities were so well developed, I was sure they were real. Even inside her head, Zoe is lively and chatty and you can just picture her as a sparkly rainbow. On the other hand, being inside Tristan’s head feels like falling down a deep dark hole, as he battles his depression and the self-blame that comes with it. I can’t remember the last time I’ve so acutely felt the emotions and presence of the characters as I read.
Zoe and Tristan are the very definition of opposites, and yet their friendship made so much sense, like there couldn’t possibly be a universe in which these two didn’t collide in a bright burst of ecstatic purple.
The portrayal of depression in this book felt very accurate to me, as someone who has several friends and family members who suffer from it: it showed how unknowingly selfish someone with depression can be and how important it is to support them.
I’m really not sure what I can say about this book to critique: the writing, the characters, the plot, they were all beautifully composed and basically made me sob.
I can’t recommend this enough to fans of contemporary, YA or adult, especially those who enjoyed books like All The Bright Places or love stories of unbreakable friendship.
Every Colour of You was a book that was both heartwarming and heart-wrenching, and it’s a book you need to add to your shelf right now. I’m definitely keeping an eye out for what Amelia Mandeville does next!

Every Colour of You is out today in paperback from Little, Brown. You can add it on Goodreads or go ahead and buy it from Amazon!

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