The Storm Crow by Kalyn Josephson

⇒Featuring princesses, diverse rep and magic crows


I had high hopes going into The Storm Crow, and I wasn’t disappointed! Not only do we have magical crows (what an original idea!!), this book features #ownvoices depression rep and a diverse cast featuring prominent LGBTQ+ and of colour characters! Kalyn Josephson’s debut is well written and takes place in an immersive fantasy world!

The idea of this book was one of my favourite aspects! The elemental crows are such an original, unique idea! In Young Adult, magic systems can get repetitive, and this one was utterly new and beautiful!

In The Storm Crow, we see a diverse cast of wonderful characters! Each was unique, with their own awesome personalities and (almost) all were easy loveable and complex.

Our main character, Thia, suffers from depression, and this representation was incredibly well done. I’ve never suffered from depression myself but I have several close family members and friends who have, so I could really see the truth in Thia’s story and her fight with depression.

“It’s difficult to walk against the wind. It takes strength.”

I also adored Thia’s friendship with Kiva! It was so genuine, and the banter was on point. I’m not going to lie, Kiva was my favourite character! She’s the overprotective, stubborn, queer mom friend, and if that isn’t me, what even is? She’s badass as well, and I stan her!

The world was quite the average fantasy setting, but it was well developed with the relationship between the countries.

One thing I really liked about this world was that there was no sexist prejudice, which is so refreshing for the fantasy genre!

The storyline was easy to follow and enticing! We are given a quick start that draws us in no time, which was so enjoyable! I was immediately curious about what would follow the harrowing prologue! After the first few chapters, the plot does get a little slow, but it was still very intriguing! I never got bored whilst reading.

Quite a few popular tropes were used, such as the clash of kingdoms and the brave princess, but they were well incorporated and didn’t come off too cliché.

I would definitely recommend The Storm Crow to lovers of YA fantasy far and wide! If you’ve been looking for a novel with unique magic and mental health rep, that’s still enticing and badass, this is the book for you!

You can check out The Storm Crow on Goodreads or go ahead and buy it from Amazon! Hurry, because the first print run has an awesome embossing on the cover!

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