Call it What You Want by Brigid Kemmerer

⇒Featuring loveable characters, morals and romance


Call it What You Want by Brigid Kemmerer was a heart wrenching and beautiful contemporary that I absolutely adored.
Both Rob and Maegan were loveable, relatable characters whose stories I loved following. Brigid Kemmerer built beautiful arcs for both of their personalities that had me worrying and hoping for them.
Maegan and Rob both question themselves and others in typical teenage fashion, but not to the point that I came near disliking them. Their voices were raw and honest; Brigid really is a master of teenage angst. But they also had real problems that made the story more tense and the stakes higher.
The romance between these two was perfectly developed. Despite it being clear they would end up together, their story was slow burn: enemies to friends to dating. They had so many cute moments as well as the intense, emotional ones.
I love Brigid’s ability to create morally gray yet loveable characters who face moral choices that help that become better people.

The story was realistic yet dramatic and overall captivating. I loved the interaction and character progression with Maegan and Rob but I also found myself really caught up in the troubles and storyline of the secondary characters, especially Samantha and Owen, who felt just as real as the main characters. The pacing of the story was perfectly done: I was constantly kept on edge by what all the characters would do next, and how they would deal with the difficult situations presented to them.
Brigid’s writing is amazing. She writes elegantly and profoundly, perfectly portraying her beautiful characters.
Call it What You Want is a heart wrenching, romantic story about morality and what it means to judge people that I would recommend to anyone who likes contemporary novels, romance or YA in general. This book will warm your heart and break it all at once.

Call It What You Want comes out TODAY from Bloomsbury! Go check it out on Goodreads or go ahead and buy it from Amazon!

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