Young Power By Andrea Blythe Liebman

Featuring romance, gods and magic


Twilight meets Percy Jackon in Andrea Blythe Liebman’s debut YA novel, Young Power. This paranormal romance was witty and well written and I really enjoyed it as a light read. In this book, we see a remaining of Greek mythology done really well, with a school for gods and a feud between Pure Gods and Dark Gods at its centre.

Our main character, Liv, is very new to this world and seeing it through her eyes we feel the same confusion she does, but also the same awe. I think Liv was a really good main character. She was very selfless and brave if a little predictable.

I really liked the secondary characters, especially Peyton and Piper. I’ll admit, I wasn’t a big fan of Hayden. Please don’t murder me, Hayden stans! He just wasn’t my type. He’s certainly cute with Liv but I felt like he was a slightly clichéd love interest.

I really loved the Greek mythology in this book. It made the world really interesting and unique. The idea of Young Power was really great, but because it really centred around romance, I didn’t it enjoy it as much as I wanted to. If you like romance, I’m sure you’ll love it, but I’m not a big fan of the genre so that took a bit away from the book for me.

“It was a silly notion now. But a part of her remained to believe that she could find her way through the darkness as long as she took the time to observe the stars.”

There was some really good description in the book, I really got a sense of the world and characters this way, especially their outfits, which were always described in detail.

Andrea did pretty well with dropping little hints earlier in the book that linked back later, which I really liked. The dialogue felt very natural and I liked the friendships between Liv and the other characters.

One downside of this book for me is that it felt a little cliché. Clichés can be hard to steer clear of and Young Power didn’t. It was still enjoyable, but for me, that and the romance made it not quite extraordinary.

Still, I would recommend this book to lovers of fantasy romance and mythology! It was a fun read that I enjoyed and I’ll definitely read the sequel, Elemental Power. You can find Young Power on Amazon here.


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