Summer of No Regrets by Kate Mallinder Review

⇒Featuring friendship, feels and summer sun.


Book: Summer of No Regrets


Author: Kate Mallinder

Publisher: Firefly Press

Release date: May 2

Genre: YA contemporary, debut

Meet Kate Mallinder’s debut novel, Summer of No Regrets, AKA your new summer need-to-read.

In Summer Of No Regrets, four friends who’ve just done their GCSE’s pledge to live a brave summer of no regrets. This is fun, light read that still tackles a couple important issues and explores what it’s really like to be a teen.

I really loved the girls! To sum them up: Hetal is smart, Sasha is fierce, Cam is brave and Nell is loyal. But they’re all so much more than that, of course. It can be hard to tackle multiple perspectives but Kate does it really well with switching between the perspectives of these four girls.

Each of the girls had a different take on the world and I loved seeing them all interact.  The dialogue between them (and secondary characters) was very genuine and you could almost hear how the tone differed from each girls perspective. I really liked each girl’s individual character arc as well as their joint one. Hetal and Nell are my joint-favourite characters, even though I share a name with Sasha!

“So,” Cam asked, standing up, “how about it? A summer of living life to the max. Full tilt. Who’s in?”

Summer of No Regrets is an uplifting story of friendship, love and bravery but it also deals with things like anxiety and foster care in a sensitive way. As well as being a fun read, it featured some scenes with real tension or that really made you think.

This book is set in Devon, the same county I live in and so I really liked the familiarity the setting presented.

This book sends a heartwarming message for teens, and it says a lot about the relationships between parents and kids.

Summer of No Regrets was a tale of friendship, bravery and hope. I read it in a single day! It’s full of fun and laughs with just the right dose of reality. A quick summer read I recommend to every teenager or those with a teenager’s heart!

See the synopsis or buy the book: Find Summer of No Regrets on Amazon here.

Big thank you to Firefly Press for the review copy. I can’t wait to meet Kate Mallinder at YALC!

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