Wolf Light by Yaba Badoe Review

⇒Featuring magic, sisterhood and nature


Book: Wolf Light

Author: Yaba Badoe

Publisher: Zephyr 

Release date: May 4

Genre: YA/MG Fantasy

Wolf Light by Yaba Badoe is a richly told tale of culture, sisterhood and what it means to protect the places and people we love.

This book is told in beautiful, lyrical prose that swept me away. The descriptions created vivid images in my mind and made me care for the people and places depicted and helped give the book a very spiritual feel.

This story resonates deeply with the current struggles we are having with the climate and the greedy people who put money before earth’s ancient and beautiful land. Wolf Light shows us how important it is to care for nature through the three girls struggle with the skin-walkers.

“We live in dangerous times when the balance between our worlds has broken. Mother Earth is on fire an Father Sky weeps tears of blood.”

The relationship between our main characters, Zula, Adoma and Linet, is beautiful. They all come from different backgrounds and cultures but are only whole all together. I loved this portrayal of the beauty of sisterhood.

This book has great diverse representation and shows three girls standing up for what they believe in. This novel doesn’t lament what we have lost as much as teach us to stand up and fight for what remains.

The idea of this book was a little complicated to follow at first but once I caught up on what it was about, I enjoyed the plot. It was well paced and easy to read.

The main downside of this book for me was that it felt too young for me. I liked the writing and the characters a lot but I just couldn’t connect to them because it felt aimed at a younger audience than the books I usually read. I’ll definitely be passing it on to my younger sister because I think she’ll enjoy it more than I dead.

Wolf Light was a moving, cultural book about the beauty of nature and it’s magic. I’d recommend this book to those who like rich prose and beautiful settings.

You can find Wolf Light on Amazon here to buy it or find out more!

Thanks so much to Zephyr Press for sending me a copy to review. I can’t wait to meet Yaba Badoe at YALC.

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