The Voice In My Head by Dana L Davis

⇒Featuring dysfunctional families, road trips and tears.


Just like Indigo and her family go on a road trip in, my emotions went on a road trip too. The Voice in My Head by Dana L Davis had me crying, not 70 pages in and laughing even earlier. It’s a beautifully written story whose characters will stay with me forever.

Indigo was unique and smart and I adored every member of the Philips family, plus Pastor Jed of course! Their contrasting and awesome characters really lit up the story and made it the wonderful read it was. The dialogue and storylines between every character were authentic, and I was quickly attached to each and every character.

The author blends in not only humour, love and wit into The Voice in My Head, she also deals with important issues such as suicide and euthanasia. The relationship between Indigo and Violet was so special and I really wish we could have seen more of them together before Violet was diagnosed with a terminal illness. I did love Indigo’s growth throughout the novel and how her perspective on the world changed.

I’m not religious, but the fact that religion played a big part in this novel didn’t deter me at all. I really liked the creative approach Dana had towards God and Indigo and her family’s religion.

Dana’s writing sucked me in and wouldn’t let me go. When I started, I sat reading for nearly an hour, not noticing the time that went by, completely engrossed in the book. Throughout the day, my mind kept going back to the book. It was lyrically, honestly written and perfectly paced.

If you’re wary of romance, never fear! This book is full of love and heart but our main character Indigo doesn’t have a love interest (right at the end she meets someone it’s clear she could come to date but it’s not a big theme at all).

The Voice in My Head is the story of a family dealing with a tragedy, but it is also a story about living. This moving tale teaches us to treasure our short lives and take the opportunities presented to us! I took a lot away from this book and I really loved every moment of reading it. I devoured the entire book in a single day, something I rarely do. The Voice in My Head is a bittersweet and beautiful coming of age novel and I would recommend it to anyone who loves contemporary.

The Voice in my Head is out on the 29th from Inkyard Press and you can find it on Amazon here.

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