The Puppeteer of Objects by Kathleen M Jacobs Review


“Illuminated by our own imaginations, by the single bulb of a table lamp, or a ray of sunlight streaming in through an open window.” Books, The Pupeteer of Objects

In this collection of twelve lyrical poems, Kathleen M Jacobs brings the inanimate to life in a beautiful, unique way. She uses metaphor and alliteration to make the most ordinary of objects seem interesting and beautiful.

The sensory details in these poems show the objects to represent parts of our lives and give us a renewed appreciation of the ordinary. It’s quite unique to look at the world from the point of view of objects in our day to day lives, to consider how they feel as we use them, wear them or board them!

Going into this collection, I’ll admit wasn’t quite sure what a “lyrical poem” was! I’m now quite glad I do, because Kathleen’s are beautifully written!

Each poem was full of beautiful poetic language to describe and personify the object in question. I would never have thought you could write two pages on compasses and still hold the reader’s attention but The Puppeteer of Objects definitely changed my mind on that. From flowers to modes of transport, Kathleen really invites us to consider the materialistic side of our lives with a new appreciation and mindset. She uses elegant words to describe the history and lives of objects I wouldn’t usually give more than a passing thought.

My favourite poem was “books” although I suppose that’s no surprise! This poem really did reflect how it feels to be a reader and the awe and wonder of reading! I never expected to feel a similar awe towards items such as hats or orchids, but Kathleen’s writing has made me see them in a completely new light!

Thanks so much, Kathleen, for sending me a copy of your book to review, it was a wonderfully surprising experience.

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