Into the TBR Vortex #2

Are you ready to delve back into the TBR VORTEX with me? This time, there are 108 TBR contestants to choose from..oops! Please do join this perilous journey! No time for preamble, let’s JUMP RIGHT IN!


Number 18, elected by @madamepincers iiis Six of Crows!

The Grishaverse is very popular, but I only recently got into it! I plan to read Ruin and Rising very soon, and then get straight into the Six of Crows Duology! (okey so i dont own it yet but i promise i shall soon) I’ve heard AMAZING things about this series so I’m VERY excited! I actually did read Six of Crows about two years ago before I’d even heard of Shadow and Bone, but I don’t really remember it.


Thank you, @booksandravens! Number 98 is A Discovery of Witches!

Okey so I know like nothing about this book but witches? yes Please! Plus I’ve seen it all over bookstagram and heard good things so hopefully, I’ll get to that sometimes this decade yknow…


The Captive Prince sits 87th, thank you @rues_reads!

I added this to my TBR because of @aelinskingdom! She was posting on her story how much she loves it and since we have so many other faves in common, I obviously added it! I have heard a lot of mixed reviews about this, but it sounds pretty good! I’m a little put off by the boring cover, no lie, but I do plan to read it this year!


Thank you @tiffthebooknerd! 13th on my list is Emergency Contact.

I’ve heard good things about this book. I want to read it one day. I saw it on Sarah J Maas’ Instagram. (i know nothing about the book lol)


Finally, we have Furyborn! This is one I’ve heard AMAZING things about and plan to buy soon maybe. WIll it live up to the hype? Fingers crossed!


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