Under Her Cursed Scythe by JM Wong Review

Featuring witches, dark magic and Halloween.



I had seen Under Her Cursed Scythe on a couple of my friend’s bookstagram, so I reached out to JM Wong and she was kind enough to send me a (cute mini) copy of her urban fantasy novel!

The idea of this book was very appealing to me, a young girl forced to reap souls, plus all kinds of supernatural, magic and unique types of witches? YES PLEASE! The plot was definitely original which I enjoy in books! I definitely found the intro of the voices a very unique take, which is always a good thing! One thing I found strange however, was that later in the book some of the writing was bracketed and highlighted, and I wasn’t quite sure of the purpose of this!

It is clear from reading this book that the author’s first language is not English, and there were a few errors, but I think overall she did a relatively good job of writing in a language not her own! It must be really hard and she accomplished it. There were some things that confused me, such as the fact that JM always used the word “denoted” as a synonym for said, something not typically done in the English language. I did find the book harder to read because of this but I think JM Wong didn’t do too bad considering how hard it is to learn a new language, let alone write a book in it.

I wasn’t sure how to feel about Alivia…I really liked her and empathised with her. I really felt sorry for Alivia at the beginning of the book, and hoped she would gain happiness. She is fighting her fears for a family that doesn’t appreciate her and my heart ached a little for her sadness! Her genuine motives made the book more realistic. I found it a bit strange that Alivia and all her school mates were twelve! They acted a lot older.

I did find the first part of this book a little hard to get into, but once a deeper plot started forming it was easier to get stuck into the story.

The language of the book was quite simple but flowed easily. At first, the characters were a little confusing, but more was revealed as the plot went on.

I do find myself wishing I had read the book around Halloween, as that’s when it’s set and is perfect for fans of horror-esque stories! If you like a cute-sized urban fantasy read, go check this one out! I’ll definitely be passing it along to my younger sister because I think she will better identify with Alivia as they are the same age.

At the time of posting this review, I have not actually finished reading the book, but I hope to soon.

Today is the ebook relaunch of Under Her Cursed Scythe!! Go check it out on Amazon here or see the synopsis on Goodreads here.

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