Viper by Bex Hogan Review

⇒Featuring pirate assassins, kickass heroines and magical islands

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“He will make me a killer, or he will have me killed.”

Bex Hogan, Viper

This swashbuckling fantasy debut from Bex Hogan just about swept me off my feet!

The setting of Viper was a beautiful fantasy world full with mysterious islands and complex political systems. The author did a wonderful job of weaving world building in amongst the action, and I quickly fell in love with her immersive writing style and the world she wrote about. Each island has it’s own personality and mystique!

There was just the right balance of gore, romance, plot twists and self-discovery (and heartbreak)! The story twisted and turned in many places enough to keep you hooked and guessing, but also had moments slow enough to get to know the heroine and the other characters. Hogan is great at building tension and the storyline was structured just right! I could easily keep up and yet it never lost my interest.

Marianne is strong-willed and I happily cheered her on as she battled the patriarchy! She is defiant, brave and kickass! I quickly emphasised with her and, not far into the book, I was already quite determined to see her happy and alive. This led me to hate the Viper himself even more and want him far from Marianne! He was a great villain – fascinating and scarred, terrifying and despicable – but a horrible person. I loved a lot of the secondary characters but won’t tell you who because of spoilers!

Hogan was definitely toeing the line when it came to stereotypes in her novel, but I think that she managed it very well. The storyline had a couple aspects that have been used before but in this new context, they were still interesting and exciting. One of the main plot twists in Viper was definitely one that’s been overused, but I’ll admit, I’m total trash for it. No spoilers!

I really liked that the love story in Viper wasn’t cliche or too predictable, and seemed more realistic than a lot of other YA books I’ve read!

Also, that cover! Before I even read the synopsis, I knew I had to read Viper because of it! And holding the book in my hands, it’s so shiny. I took a good few minutes admiring it before I even started reading.

Viper was intriguing and well-paced, and an impressive debut! As a first book in the series, Hogan did a very good job of introducing the characters, world and storyline, as well as leaving a few things unresolved for the next book! I’m very excited to see where the author takes Marianne’s story next! Bring on book #2! It’s called Venom and I’m slightly scared about how long I have to wait…

I’d definitely recommend Viper to anyone who loves YA fantasy, adventure on the high seas and independent, badass heroines!

VIPER IS OUT TODAY!! You can see the synopsis on Goodreads here or head over and buy it from Amazon here.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of Viper from the publicist for review and promotion purposes. All opinions are my own. 

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