Seven Thing I like In a Book Tag

What’s In My Wonderland tagged me to do the Seven Things I Like In A Book Tag, so here it is!

  1. Badass Heroines -This mostly applies to fantasy books, but I love an awesome heroine who stands up for herself in the books I read!
  2. Gorgeous covers– Okay so this technically isn’t IN the book, but I adore pretty covers because I’m basic.
  3. Unique Twists – I hate generic books! MAKE IT UNIQUE! I love unique and original books, they’re always the best.
  4. Loveable Characters – I need to be able to get behind the character if I’m going to like the book. Even if the plot is amazing I need those loveable characters if it’s going to hit five stars!
  5. Important Issues – I love books that bring in themes such as feminism! This makes the plot easier to get behind and stronger causes to fight for, plus making the book more realistic!
  6. Beautiful quotes – I love making bookmarks and quotes for my wall, etc, so I love when a book has a few particularly memorable, beautiful quotes!
  7. Believable (at least slightly) plotline– I hate to say it, but some of the characters have to die in a big war, okay? And not EVERYONE needs to find the love of their lives! Please don’t make the book generic!

Thanks for the tag! I tag Regal Leaves and Amy’s Reading Nook.

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