The Book Snake – What’s the Deal?

Hey guys! I was inspired by bookstagram and Epic Reads to write something about The Book Snake that has been appearing on YA covers recently!

So here’s my theory…

Once upon a time, the Book Snake lived a happy life. His mummy took good care of him and his little sister. His name wasn’t The Book Snake back then, it was Tommy.

Tommy was a very pretty snake. As he reached his teenage years, girl and boy snakes alike gave him appreciative looks as he passed. And Tommy knew how beautiful he was, but he never flaunted it! He never polished his scales like the other snakes did. He happily slithered around like he didn’t have a care in the world.

One day, a publicist approached him on social media. “Hiya Tommy,” they said, “We’re looking for a model for an awesome book releasing in 2020, would you be interested?”

Tommy thought about it, but he turned down the offer. “I appreciate it” he replied, “but I don’t feel comfortable showing off my body like that.”

“I understand” the publicist replied, “Let me know if you change your mind.”

But Tommy didn’t change his mind. He wasn’t full grown yet and his mummy had a stable job that kept him and his sister very happy.

Until that fateful day, when his life changed forever. He came home from school to see an ambulance waiting outside his house! What on earth could have happened? As he slithered in, he saw his sister (Millie) sitting and crying on the staircase…

“What happened, Mil?” He asked, ever the caring older brother. Millie was sobbing too much to answer and pointed towards the living room. Tommy slithered through and what he saw tore a hole in his heart.

His mummy lay on the floor at a strange angle. A doctor was next to her, his ear pressed to her neck. The doctor looked up, and when Tommy met his eyes he could see everything he needed to know. He fell to the floor, sobs wracking his body. Why his mummy? Why now?


Tommy’s house was cold. They hadn’t been able to afford to heat the house since his mummy died.

One day, Millie came back from school crying.

“What’s the matter?” Tommy asked his sister.

“It’s the people at school, Tommy!” Millie sobbed “They tease me because we don’t have any money.”

Tommy’s eyes widened in shock. He had a job down at the book store, but maybe it was time he went back to that forgotten DM…

“Hiya Ms Publisict. I have considered your offer and I would love to model for you, as much as possible.” Tommy took a deep breath and sent the text.

“That’s wonderful!” came the reply “be at the studio tomorrow!”

So Tommy polished his scales and went to the studio…they polished his scales more, even added some makeup to his already beautiful form. And they asked him to sit and stand in all kinds of positions for the book covers. And Tommy silently did it. Although he hated to show off his body this way, he thought of Millie, and he knew it was he had to do.

Soon, another DM came his way “We’d love you to model for the cover of our new YA release” and another, and another. Tommy accepted all the jobs he could get.

Soon, Tommy and Millie were thriving. They had all the money they needed, they had everything they could possibly want…Surely they must be happy now?

Except Tommy wasn’t…He missed his happiness, his carelessness. He’d had to grow up far too fast…


What’s your theory about The Book Snake? Does it love the spotlight, or hate it like Tommy? Will we see it more or has it been unemployed?

Thanks for reading!

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