Hey, Midnightlings! Today I’m here with a special guest, Kate I Foley! Kate is a nineteen-year-old writer, daydreamer and blogger, the author of Instructions for Flight, and a contributor to the Fauxpocalypse anthology!

A while back, Kate was kind enough to send me a PDF of Instructions for Flight to review, and I loved it! Click here to see my review! She also has an awesome book blog; The Magic Violinist, which is one of my greatest inspirations for blogging! 

Hey Kate! I’m so excited to have you here! 

Hey, Sasha! Thanks for having me! I’m so glad you enjoyed the book.
I really did! So Instructions for Flight is your debut poetry collection! Had you been writing poetry for a while before you published it?

It is and I have! Poetry was one of those genres I liked to play around with when I got bored with my other projects, but it was never something I’d taken seriously until a few years ago when I began to study it more at writing camps and with online poetry workshops. I discovered my unique poetic style and started writing more and more, trying to experiment with different techniques in order to get better. I hadn’t considered myself a poet before, but once I started studying the craft and reading other poets, I learned how much I liked it. Last year for Camp NaNoWriMo in April, which also happened to be National Poetry Month, I decided to write a new poem every day that month. So it’s really become a genre I enjoy more than I thought I would.

That’s awesome! You mentioned your “other projects”! Can you tell us anything about them and your plans for them in the future?

Sure! I always have many irons in the fire since I find it hard to focus on just one thing for long periods of time. My two main projects are both YA novels, but one is an urban fantasy while the other is a contemporary romance. The YA urban fantasy features an immortal witch, Lila, who falls in love with a mortal witch hunter, Melody. Lila is a First witch, one of the first witches ever to be born, which means her magic is some of the most powerful, but also the most dangerous. It’s a story of the internal struggle between light and dark and has lots of battle sequences and the threat of an army of the undead. My YA contemporary is less “epic,” but very fun. Think Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda meets “Glee.” It centres around a high school’s production of “Les Misérables” where the actresses playing Eponine and Cosette (Eleanor and Sonya, respectively) fall in love. But their journey is nothing close to smooth: Sonya’s ex-girlfriend is trying to win her back, the entire cast seems to be convinced that the actor playing Marius has a thing for Eleanor, and there’s also the complication of their theatre possibly being cursed after Eleanor accidentally lets the word “Macbeth” slip (a major theatre superstition no-no). I aim to have both novels completely revised by the end of the year so I can send out queries to agents. And somehow in between all that, I’d love to dabble in writing a musical so I can combine my love of writing with my love for theatre.

That’s so awesome! Those books honestly sound amazing, I really hope you have success in publishing them! What would you say is the hardest thing about writing?

Thank you! I do, too. Honestly, my answer changes from day to day. At this particular moment, I’d say the hardest part about writing is how much time goes into it. Everything takes ten times longer than you think it will. I’m not a particularly patient person, so I always wish the nitty-gritty bits, such as proofreading, would miraculously happen on their own. Alas, that’s not how it works.

Ugh, I wish that could be true. So what’s the biggest struggle you tackled writing Instructions for Flight?

Since I’d written most of the poems before compiling them into one collection, I found that my biggest struggle came with the technological formatting of the ebook. Since I wanted to give self-publishing a try as a sort of experiment to see just how much work goes into publishing a book from all different angles, not just from the writing side of things, it was up to me to figure out how the nitty-gritty formatting stuff worked. Luckily, self-publishing an ebook through Amazon’s KDP program isn’t all that difficult since it walks you through each of the steps one by one. Still, that didn’t stop me from getting frustrated more than once when all of my stanzas were off-kilter or my self-designed cover wouldn’t upload!

Aw no, formatting can be a PAIN! You’ve overcome that struggle though, do you have any advice for other aspiring authors?

I’m not sure I will ever feel qualified to give other writers advice, but two things that have helped me are 1. Not getting discouraged and 2. Trying new things. The first one is easier said than done, but remembering that failure and rejection are a normal part of every writer’s life can help to ease the sting a little bit. Not everything you write will be amazing or get published, but it will all help you learn and grow as an artist. As far as trying new things goes, you never know what paths will lead you to amazing opportunities. Don’t pigeonhole yourself into one genre or one project. Talk to new people, experiment with another genre, and give that intriguing guest writer position for a website a try. It might be great and it might not be, but you’ll never know unless you try.

That’s good advice, thank you! What inspires you to write? Have you always wanted to be a writer?

For as long as I can remember! I credit Harry Potter with being my ultimate inspiration to write, since that series has defined so much of my life both as a reader and writer, but also as a human being. It might sound cliché, but loving books as much I do is the reason why I want to write them. I know how magical it can be as a reader to completely lose yourself in a fictional world and read about people who are different from you and people who are just like you. I’d love to be the author of a novel that changes somebody’s life, even in a small, quiet way.

Wow! That’s super beautiful… So you (obviously) like to read! What books are on your To Be Read list right now?

Oh so many! Right now the books I can’t wait to get my hands on are THE BOY WHO STEALS HOUSES by C.G Drews, WAYWARD SON by Rainbow Rowell, THESE WITCHES DON’T BURN by Isabel Sterling, INFINITY SON by Adam Silvera, TELL ME HOW YOU REALLY FEEL by Aminah Mae Safi. None of these books are out yet, but they are eagerly anticipated!

Eek, I’m so excited for Wayward Son! I didn’t know Adam Silvera had a new book coming out, OMG! The others all sound awesome! If you had to describe yourself as three bookish characters, who would they be and why?

I know, I can’t wait! Adam Silvera’s book is slated to come out early next year and promises to be an amazing start to a fantasy series. As far as three characters who describe me, I would say Hermione Granger from HARRY POTTER, Cath from FANGIRL, and Eliza from ELIZA AND HER MONSTERS. Being an introvert, writer, fangirl, and straight-A student, I definitely relate to all of them in different ways.

OMG! I NEEEEED ITTTTT! That’s awesome! I haven’t met Eliza yet but Cath and Hermione are QUEENS! Okay, final question; If you had two sentences to convince someone to read Instructions for Flight, what would they be?

Eliza is a character you definitely need to meet, then! She fits right in with the other two. If I were to convince someone to read Instructions for Flight in two sentences, those sentences would be: It’s poetry for anyone and everyone, even those who don’t think they like the genre. The themes are relatable, accessible, and make you feel less alone: insecurity, the fear of public speaking, modern social issues, love, and common kindness.

I hope to read Eliza and Her Monsters soon then! That’s beautiful! I hope that convinces some of my readers they should check it out (wink wink, nudge nudge)! Thanks so much for letting me read your book and coming to the blog, Kate! It was awesome having you!

Thank you for having me!

No problem, it was my pleasure! I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for your books being published and I wish you the best of luck!

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