Hey guys! Welcome to my MARCH WRAP UP!
I read FOURTEEN (WHAAAT) books and a poetry anthology! I’m pretty freaking proud. BE PROUD OF ME OK.
So…let us commence a quick wrap up of everything I read!
Following that shall be a short Q&A regarding favourites, OTPs and regrettable reads. Enjoy, oh ten followers whom I love dearly!
*Please note this isn’t in chronological order because whilst I love you, I’m very lazy*
SO, Sasha, what DID you read?
Well, dear reader, I read:

Wow, Sasha, that’s quite a few! Which was your favourite?

I know, reader! A lot of them were amazing but my favourite has to be Girls of Paper and Fire!

What about your least favourite?

I’d have to say Unravel Me.

*Gasp* but that’s such a POPULAR book?

I know! I was so disappointed not to get into the first one, but everyone says they get better. I liked Kenji but I won’t be continuing the series.

Have you fallen in love with anyone this month?

I have! Lei and Wren were so amazing, so was Shazi and Khalid and Bri and Rhen and Seleni and Nikolai! Those guys were my favourite new characters.


I think so! Is that it?

I guess…you’re boring. Wait! Did you BUY any more books?

Um…no…I’m on a bit of a ban because I’m broke. Okay, so I bought like one. I found Eleanor and Park in a charity shop!

Is that…it?

Well, I won To Best the Boys in a giveaway! So that was new! And I got Angel by Danielle Carriere through a bookstagram tour! But I think that’s it.

Okay! Thanks for being an amazing blogger! What’s on your April TBR?

Aw, you’re welcome! I’ll do an April TBR and looking forward to soon, eh?

Okay! We’ll miss you!

Thanks, but you won’t. I’ve been talking to myself for the reader’s amusement.

True! Were they amused?

I don’t know! Were you? xx

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