Secrets and Swords by R.A. Lewis Review

I finished reading Secrets and Swords by RA Lewis (check it out on Goodreads by clicking here), and it’s time for my review! You can keep an eye out for an interview with RA later this week!


“I knew you were dangerous, but not that dangerous.”

“I thought you were the dangerous one.”

Secrets and Swords by RA Lewis

R. A. Lewis’ debut YA fantasy novels follows a young Duke’s daughter, Roguelyn, as she attempts to save her father from the fortress of an enemy king.

The novel started dramatically, something I always enjoy, though we were not given an extensive view into the heroine’s life before the story begins. The plot was well balanced and there was always a bit of action around the corner.

Roguelyn is quite your typical teenager, full of angst and the surety that she knows what she is doing. At times this left me frustrated with her, but at others, it made her all the more relatable. However, as the book progresses, she remains the teenager but does grow to be more mature. I liked her much more later on and as the end came I found myself insistent that she get a happy ending!

I didn’t like Will and found him to be ignorant and annoying, although of course, this is essential to the plot line. A lot of the other side characters were loveable and had unique personalities, which I enjoyed!

I found that at times the writing could be quite basic, but the story read easily with simple, classic wording. There was some beautiful description in places. The dialogue varied; at times it was genuine and casual, but at others, it felt a little forced.

I wasn’t so sure how I felt about the love story…there seemed to be a large number of men who liked Roguelyn. At first, I wasn’t so keen on her relationship with Liam, because it was quite predictable, but I ended up liking them together. As for Hawkin, when we first met him I really disliked him, but as the plot moved on I began to respect him because he was always loving to Roguelyn, even though he kind of threatened her at first…as you can tell, the characters have complicated relationships with each other, which made them all more likeable or dislikeable and definitely made them seem more real.

I loved reading the story of Roguelyn struggling to find her place in a man’s world, although at other times the storyline was somewhat cliche, these days it’s hard to find fantasy that isn’t!

Some of the issues included were very important, and I definitely feel this book sends an important message in regards to sexual assault, though those who want to read it should consider this a trigger warning; it does contain scenes of violence and sexual assault.

I really liked this indie fantasy novel, so thank you to RA for sending me an ebook copy to review. Go read it, ya’ll!

Secrets and Swords is available on Amazon Kindle for only £0.99, with paperbacks also available! Just click here to check it out!

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