Tea with My Favourite Characters!

Hey again all! How are you?

Wouldn’t it be a dream to meet all your favourite characters? Well imagine one of them is hosting a tea party – and you’re invited! I’d probably die from happiness. And then I’d have no idea what to wear, be so scared I’d embarrass myself – I’d definitely have a panic attack.

But STILL, I’d SO go!

So who would be there? I hate choosing characters, so let’s just say, EVERYONE! It’s a garden party, so plenty of fictional characters milling around, plus tea and cake. I’d make sure to greet EVERYONE and awkwardly ask for selfies, I don’t care if they judge me for it!

What would I do? I’d eat chocolate cake with Aelin and Lysandra, come across Magnus and Alec making out and awkwardly inject that they were my OTP (Alec would ask what that meant and be a little creeped out; Magnus would decide to randomly throw glitter on me. I would never wash those clothes).

I’d try to approach Abraxos and Manon would snarl at me, but then Abraxos would love me so she’d forgive me. There would probably be a lot of me trying to sneakily stroke people’s hair.

I would just sit and stare at the Inner Circle before eventually introducing myself to Mor (because she’s got to be one of my favourite characters ever), and she’d introduce me to the rest. I’d follow Tarquin around for a few hours. I’d probably overall come across as reeealy creepy tbh.

I’d ask Dorian and Lazlo for book recommendations, and I’d try my hardest (and fail) to befriend Zuzana. Eventually, she’d agree to teach me her rabid fairy ways though. She’s my short person idol. I’d also really want to be friends with Safi and Iseult and would physically push Vivia and Vaness together, no lie!

I would definitely say HIII to all my fave Shadowhunters and attempt to find an awesome abandoned dagger somewhere around. I’d introduce myself to the Gilded Wolves crew, of course, and so many other people. There’s no time limit, riiight?

Honestly, I would just be super awkward but have the absolute best time ever. I’ve barely skimmed the surface of my favourite characters, but I don’t want to rant for TOO long! What would you do if you were invited to this tea party? Who would be there?

Thanks for reading, I’ll have another post up soon!

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