Instructions for Flight by Kate I. Foley Review

Instructions For Flight by Kate. I. Foley 

My Review

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“Pinpoint that piece of your heart that won’t stop reaching for cotton candy clouds and sprinkled stars,” Instructions For Flight

Kate I. Foley’s debut poetry collection took my breath away. The language was rich in beautiful metaphors and similes, repetition and rhyme were used perfectly. I always find that when I read a good poetry book, I start speaking with line breaks, and this one certainly had that effect.

Instructions For Flight discusses important issues in a unique and stunning way. It explores love, hate and fear using gorgeous imagery and eloquent language.

Kate shows pure love and emotion in a bare and truthful way. She conveys feeling wonderfully with metaphors and similes in a way I’ve never seen before.

Her poetry collection is not extremely long but it is important and powerful. My favourite poem of the collection would have to be the namesake, Instructions for Flight. This poem is all about mental health and stepping out and becoming who you are (spreading your wings, you could say). Again, Kate used metaphor and simile so effectively I could almost taste the poem as I read it. It conveys a message of hope that I think anyone who has ever doubted themselves needs to read. It is inspiring and resonating, poignant and deep. Reading it felt like remaking yourself and becoming something magical and worth it.

Another of my favourite, Stage Fright, made me feel like I was right inside Kate’s head. The variation in sentence length and punctuation reflected the fear and confusion conveyed in the poem. The long sentences that went on without punctuation highlighted the babbling and unsurety of the words, and the frequent caesura’s gave the effect of the narrator taking a sharp breath. This poem conveyed emotion so well and I could completely relate despite having not really experienced a similar situation before.

I loved Why Do We Write because as someone who loves writing myself every word resonated with me like a piece of my own soul.

In To Beautiful Disasters, Kate used short lines to effectively convey desperation and wanting. This poem was a dark masterpiece of fierce hurt and intense, wild emotion.

If I were to find fault with Kate’s writing (which is hard) I would say that in Dear Doctor King, the rhyme scheme and structure felt very forced and just didn’t flow as well as in her other poems, and the beat just felt a little off.

Overall, I fell in love with what Kate had written. Instructions For Flight is a beautiful collection of poetry that I would recommend to everyone.

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The Author, Kate I Foley

You can check out Kate on her awesome blog, or add her book on Goodreads.


2 thoughts on “Instructions for Flight by Kate I. Foley Review

  1. I know I’ve left comments on this review in other places, but I love it every time I come across it. *heart* Thank you so much for doing this!


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